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Managing Inventory

Employee Inventory List (XLSX)

Equipment Inventory Protocols

As of January 2018, the University of Georgia raised the inventory cost threshold to $3,000. While the University will not require that equipment purchases under $3,000 receive a numbered property control tag, except where otherwise specified, the College is establishing additional protocols to ensure the proper control of higher value/risk items and to help manage the distribution of equipment. The University and the State of Georgia expect units to properly manage records of equipment distribution and possession and the proper disposal of equipment through University Surplus Property.

Additional College of Education inventory protocols are listed below and are effective 1 January 2018:

  1. All laptops will continue to receive UGA property control tags and be scanned yearly during inventory review. For information about what equipment may qualify as a laptop please consult the Office of Information Technology.
  2. Any equipment over $500 that is maintained for regular checkout to various faculty, staff, and students should receive a numbered University property control tag. If equipment is moved into such a rotation later in its operational life a tag may be requested from Property Control.
  3. All desktop computers under $3,000 purchased starting in 2018 will receive a sequentially numbered College of Education inventory tag from OIT. This will aid in identifying specific machines, as serial numbers are difficult to use, and facilitate finding machines transferred from one unit to another.
  4. Non-numbered inventory tags identifying equipment as “Property of the College of Education, University of Georgia” will be available for use on equipment under the University threshold that may still be considered a risk for being misused or misplaced. Each tag will have the telephone number for OIT or, if generated by the units, of the main unit office in case the item is lost.
  5. Each unit should maintain an equipment listing for each employee including all equipment provided to them exceeding $250. This will allow for a simple review of all equipment in the possession of any individual, efficient return of equipment when an employee leaves the College, and documentation of equipment returned or disposed of through University Surplus Property. Each employee should be provided a copy of the list each year* and should sign off on the list of equipment to acknowledge that is within their possession. The University has provided procedures for requesting a UGA tag for equipment under the $3,000 threshold. From 1 January 2018 through 30 June 2018, a comment directed to Property Control should be added to the purchase order in UGAMart to request the inventory tag. Thereafter, the University will establish a unique account code to utilize in UGAMart to identify such equipment. When reviewing inventory lists in January and February of 2018, units should follow these additional protocols, and the majority of items under the $3,000 inventory threshold, with the exception of laptops and checkout items, should be removed. This will greatly simplify the formal inventory review requiring the scanning of each piece of equipment.
    • This process should be completed by February 1st of each year starting in FY 2019 and can include items currently being removed from UGA inventory and any future purchases. The College will provide a form with a standard set of information to use. Departments may add additional fields. All signed forms should be retained as a pdf in a folder named “Inventory files” for each fiscal year on the College’s secure network drive (M).
    • Forms can be created for departmental or research projects as well as long as an individual is assigned responsibility is signing off (e.g., PI, staff responsible for checkout).