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College-Level Reporting

Leadership Council

The Leadership Council consists of the dean, associate deans, department heads, and the Faculty Senate president. The Leadership Council meets monthly to discuss issues of policy and procedure in the college.

Leadership Council Document Archive

College of Education Strategic Plan

Download the Mary Frances Early College of Education’s Strategic Plan (PDF)

Shared Decision-Making Process

  1. The Faculty Senate Steering Committee, the College of Education Leadership Council, and the dean will meet at the beginning of the Fall semester to set an agenda for the College.
  2. There will be a monthly meeting of the dean, senate president, senate president-elect, and two department heads selected by the group of department heads to serve for one year. They will discuss and agree upon a process and timeline for items that are either matters of shared authority or matters on which one group has primary authority and the other is advisory. Faculty and staff members can suggest items for this group to discuss by submitting them to their department head or senator. This does not replace the decision-making processes of either the Faculty Senate or the COE Leadership Council but rather maps out a plan for how those processes will proceed with transparency. Time-sensitive issues may be handled electronically or by called meetings of smaller but representative groups.
  3. The president of the Faculty Senate is a full participant in meetings of the COE Leadership Council when matters of shared authority are on the agenda. The senate president will bring items to the COE Leadership Council when the Senate requests advisory input. The president of the Faculty Senate also serves as a conduit for bringing advisory items discussed in the COE Leadership Council to the Senate for input. Two members of the Leadership Council shall attend each Faculty Senate meeting as non-voting members to facilitate communication and exchange of information when matters of shared authority are on the agenda.
  4. In the event of a disagreement between the Faculty Senate and the COE Leadership Council, a committee consisting of three members of the COE Leadership Council and three members of the Faculty Senate shall meet in a timely manner to resolve differences through consensus. If consensus cannot be reached, the dean will exercise authority for making the decision as the chief administrative and academic officer of the College.

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