Faculty Resources

Create a New Giving Fund

If you have received approval from your department head to create a new fund, please contact Molly Thomas (opens new window), Senior Director of Development and Alumni Relations.

Faculty Consulting

All consulting activities, including local, state, national, and international, must have prior written approval by the department head of the faculty member initiating the request and the dean.

Please note that UGA has a policy regarding Conflicts of Interest, Conflicts of Commitment, and Outside Activities (PDF) (opens new window).

You may also download the form for a notice of intent to complete outside work for pay.

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Funding for International Travel

Faculty who are planning on traveling internationally and wish to seek funding may apply to three sources:

Faculty members may seek international travel funding from the College of Education and the Provost Office simultaneously. An individual can only receive international travel funding once per fiscal year. (Note: Please apply for provost funding when you apply for College funding.)

Professional Development Resources

Various campus units administer professional development for faculty members.

The Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost serves as the institutional clearinghouse for proposals for the SEC Academic Collaboration Grant, which aims to expand student-focused collaboration among SEC universities.

Additional Training Resources

Reappointment or Replacement of Department Heads

(Replaces existing COE Procedure 5)

In accordance with Article IX of the University of Georgia Statutes (opens new window), a department head shall be recommended for appointment after the dean has consulted with the faculty of the department. Such consultation shall include a vote of the faculty of the department. The term of a department head is three complete academic years. The dean shall conduct an evaluation of the department head by the faculty of the department in the Fall of the third year of service.

When there is a vacancy in a Department Head position, the following procedures will be followed.

  1. By January 15 all persons wishing to be considered for the department head position will make that known in writing to the dean. The dean then notifies all faculty and staff in the department of the names of all candidates.
  2. All candidates for the department head position will prepare a summary of up to four pages in length of their accomplishments and future goals for the unit. This summary must be provided to the dean and departmental faculty and staff by March 1.
  3. All candidates will present their goals for the unit and leadership vision to the faculty and staff at an open faculty meeting. This will occur at the next regularly scheduled department meeting for all candidates.
  4. An opportunity for all faculty and staff in the department to provide written feedback regarding all candidates will be provided by the dean's office. The dean will then meet with the faculty and staff to discuss the candidates.
  5. By the end of the Spring semester, the dean will announce the name of the person appointed to serve the next three-year term.

Removal of a Department Head

At any time the dean may initiate a review of a department head's administrative work. Based on this review, the dean may decide to terminate the department head's term and begin a search for a new department head. The faculty of a department may also ask the dean to conduct a review of the department head before the expiration of the department head's term. To initiate the process, 40% of the department faculty must sign and submit to the dean the following resolution: "Resolved that we, the faculty of the Department of (name of the department), petition the dean of the College of Education to conduct a review of our department head." The dean will then notify the department head and all departmental faculty that a review will be conducted. Based on the results of the review, the dean will decide whether or not to remove the department head and begin a search for a replacement.

University Review

University Program Review and Annual Student Learning

Programs are required to report Student Learning Outcomes in Xitracs annually by Oct. 1. Departments are reviewed every seven years. Departments due for review will be contacted by the UGA Office of Accreditation and Institutional Effectiveness the year prior to the review.

Contact Anne McDonald (opens new window) with questions.

Visit UGA's Academic Program Assessment website (opens new window) for more.


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