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Faculty Senate

The mission of the College of Education Faculty Senate is to improve the quality of life in the College community while promoting excellence in educational scholarship, service, and practice. In order to create an open and democratic culture, the Faculty Senate is committed to serving as the voice of the faculty as a whole, and to creating an open and informed decision-making process on policies by providing a community forum, and fostering an involved citizenry wherein faculty exercise both rights and responsibilities.

Meeting Minutes

Faculty Senate Minutes and Agendas Archive

Faculty Senate Directory

Academic Year 2023–2024

Updated 20 September 2023

CHDSKatie Koo, Amanda Giordano
CSSEPatrick Finn, Sandi Bass-Ringdahl
EPSYSeock-Ho Kim, Shiyu Wang
ETAPGail Andrews, Amy Murphy
KINSChris Mojock, Becca Leopkey
LEAPJami Berry, Maureen Flint
LLEKevin Burke, Jamie Hogan
MSSSETodd Dinkleman, Kevin Moore
WEITRob Branch, In Heok Lee
Steering CommitteeBob Capuozzo, Janette Hill, Jamie Hogan, Becca Leopkey

Standing and Special Committees

Terms of Committee Members

Members of College Standing and Special Committees shall serve two-year terms, with the exception of the Promotion and Tenure Committee as described in this document. Terms shall begin at the beginning of the Fall Semester, except for the Faculty Senate Steering Committee, whose terms shall begin immediately after the last meeting of the year. Faculty may serve only two consecutive terms on College Standing Committees and after those terms must go off the Committee for two years before being eligible for re-election.

Composition of Committees

Faculty may serve concurrently on only two standing and/or special committees. Department Heads shall be eligible to serve on Standing Committees, except for Student Appeals.

COE Committees

Academic Appeals Committee


5 faculty members from at least 3 different Departments, 4 elected by Faculty & 1 appointed* by the AD for Academic Programs. The AD for Academic Programs shall facilitate work.


The Academic Appeals Committee shall hear and act upon academic appeal cases involving graduate and undergraduate student courses and programs that cannot be resolved at the Department level. Appeals regarding admission into the University of Georgia must be filed with undergraduate admissions or graduate admissions.

Operating Procedures

The committee will meet as needed.

Awards Committee


Composed of 1 faculty member from each dept. The AD for Faculty and Staff Services shall facilitate the work of this committee.


The Awards Committee shall select nominees and/or recipients for awards in teaching, research, and service sponsored by the College of Education and The University of Georgia. If the committee recommends someone who does not meet the stated eligibility requirements for the award or the committee makes a procedural error, the Dean may overrule the committee.

Operating Procedures

The Committee shall meet as often as necessary but at least twice per year.

Curriculum Committee


The Committee shall consist of one faculty member from each Department. Committee members should have adequate knowledge of the range of courses offered in their departments, and three must represent undergraduate programs. The Associate Dean for Academic Programs shall facilitate the work of this committee.


The College Curriculum Committee shall consider action on undergraduate and graduate curricular matters that affect the College as a whole or relations among Programs and Departments in the College. The Committee shall review all proposals from Programs and Departments concerning (1) changes in course offerings; (2) the establishment, major modification (including name changes), and discontinuance of any degree program; and (3) other proposals as appropriate. The Committee shall make recommendations to the Dean, and the Dean and/or the Associate Dean for Academic Programs shall forward proposals approved by the Committee to the Graduate School Curriculum Committee and the University Council Curriculum Committee as appropriate.

Operating Procedures

The committee will typically meet monthly in the Fall and Spring semesters.

Scholarship Committee


Composed of 5 faculty from different depts. The AD for Academic Programs shall facilitate work.


The Scholarship Committee shall select recipients for scholarships awarded by the College to undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in the College.

Operating Procedures

The Committee shall meet as often as necessary but at least twice a year.