On-Site Courses Information

What are on-site courses?

UGA faculty and graduate students teach their courses on-site at schools to provide teacher candidates with clinically rich experiences that give them opportunities to engage in real-world learning with professional educators and preK-12 students. On-site courses are designed to be mutually beneficial for school partners as well as UGA students. Each course is uniquely designed to meet the needs of a particular school as well as the UGA course's learning objectives.

Interested in teaching an on-site course?

How can I learn more about teaching on-site courses?

  • Important announcement for Fall 2021 semester:
    The COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated a change in the operations of the Clarke County School District (CCSD) and at UGA. As a result, the district will not hold on-site college courses for the Fall 2021 semester. Decisions related to Spring 2022 will be made during the Fall 2021 semester and will be posted on this site when information is available.

What courses are taught on-site and at which schools?

View the on-site course list for spring 2020 (opens new window).

Who do I contact if I'm interested in becoming an on-site instructor in the CCSD?

If you are a Mary Frances Early College of Education faculty member who is interested in teaching your course on-site at a CCSD school, please contact both Stacey Neuharth-Pritchett (opens new window), Associate Dean for Academic Programs, and Brannon Gaskins, Chief Academic Officer of the CCSD. They will help you determine an appropriate school site for your on-site course.

History of on-site courses in the CCSD

  • On-site courses started in fall 2012
  • Courses have run continuously for 15 semesters
  • 316 on-site courses with an average of 21 courses per semester
  • 6 Mary Frances Early College of Education departments have participated
  • 17 CCSD schools have participated (exceptions: Timothy Road Elementary, Whitehead Road Elementary, Winterville Elementary, Classic City High)
  • Survey data related to on-site course learning experiences have been collected from UGA students every semester since fall 2012

Resources for on-site course instructors in the CCSD