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On-Site Courses Information

What are on-site courses?

UGA faculty and graduate students teach their courses on-site at schools to provide teacher candidates with clinically-rich experiences that give them opportunities to engage in authentic learning with professional educators and preK-12 students. On-site courses are designed to be mutually beneficial for school partners as well as UGA students. Each course is uniquely designed to meet the needs of a particular school as well as the UGA course’s learning objectives.

Interested in teaching an on-site course?

What courses are taught on-site and at which schools?

  • KINS 4750S: Service Learning in Kinesiology (Hilsman Middle School)
  • EMAT 3400: Children’s Mathematical Thinking (Barrow Elementary School, Gaines Elementary School)
  • EMAT 4800: Teaching Secondary Mathematics I (Clarke Central High School)
  • KINS 5620/7620: Adapted Physical Education (All CCSD schools)
  • EMAT 4850/4850L: Teaching Secondary School Mathematics II (Clarke Middle School)
  • EMDG 5035/7035: The Middle School Curriculum (Clarke Middle School)

Who do I contact if I’m interested in becoming an on-site instructor in the CCSD?

If you are a Mary Frances Early College of Education faculty member who is interested in teaching your course on-site at a CCSD school, please contact both Stacey Neuharth-Pritchett, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Programs, and Chris Pendley, Director of Employee Development of the CCSD. They will help you determine an appropriate school site for your on-site course.

History of on-site courses in the CCSD

  • On-site courses started in Fall 2012
  • Courses have run continuously for 15 semesters
  • 316 on-site courses with an average of 21 courses per semester
  • 8 Mary Frances Early College of Education departments have participated
  • 17 CCSD schools have participated (exceptions: Timothy Road Elementary, Whitehead Road Elementary, Winterville Elementary)
  • Survey data related to on-site course learning experiences have been collected from UGA students every semester since Fall 2012

Resources for on-site course instructors in the CCSD