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Position Reclassification Process

Reclassification is intended to ensure that a position title reflects the assigned responsibilities of a staff position within a department. Reclassification enables modification to an existing position when the responsibilities and tasks have changed in a significant way to reflect greater responsibility, scope, or diversity of tasks. Reclassification is about a position, not a person.


  • The duties of the position have changed substantially in scope, complexity, and/or responsibility. An explanation should be provided of how these revised duties are directly linked to changes in the department (e.g., the introduction of new programs, sustained increase in grant funding, sustained increase in student enrollment, a significant increase in the size of faculty, the addition of more complex responsibilities in response to external or institutional mandates, etc.).
  • The position has not been reclassified within the last three years unless there are extenuating circumstances.


  • Position reclassification requests will be accepted at any time during the fiscal year. Materials should be submitted to the Office of Faculty and Staff Services (OFSS) as a single PDF.
  • The Dean’s Cabinet will review requests and will follow up with unit heads requesting additional information or clarification of materials as needed.
  • OFSS will consult Human Resources for a final decision on the appropriateness of the reclassification proposal within broader UGA staff position titles.
  • Once approved, a staff member in the unit will enter approved reclassification data into iPaws.

Materials to be submitted in a single PDF

  • Current position title and proposed position title (If unsure of the appropriate new title, work with the College’s human resources coordinator and UGA Human Resources to determine the most appropriate title for the job responsibilities)
  • A table of responsibilities for the position, identifying responsibilities added or changed in scope, complexity, and/or responsibility since the last reclassification or hire
  • An organizational chart displaying unit structure and any changes to lines of supervision or reporting
  • A narrative from the unit head explaining how the work of the unit has changed resulting in changes to the scope, complexity, and/or responsibility of this position and long-range plans for the unit and its staff
  • Proposed salary for the position and proposed effective date. The proposed effective date should be at least 3 months in the future to allow time for approval and modification of personnel documents. Note that the pay raise may not be effective until the next fiscal year, depending on the funding source and availability of funds.