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Download Logos/​Visual Identity

As part of the new refreshed logo and visual identity system for the University of Georgia, the College of Education has downloadable logos made especially for departments, offices, outreach units, and labs. We also have templates such as PowerPoint presentations, Word letterheads, and a logo for an email signature.

Have a question about a logo? Email Natalie Stephens.

For more details on UGA’s branding, please visit the website for the UGA Style Guide.

Promotional Items/​Merchandise and Logos

An official UGA branded logo must be included on all promotional items purchased with funds that pass through the College or through UGA. Additionally, it is the discretion of the College of Education’s Marketing and Communications Office to determine the appropriateness of an official logo on all promotional items created for classes, events, groups, projects, etc., that are in any way associated with the College of Education.

The Marketing and Communications Office needs to approve all promotional materials prior to sending to UGA Trademarks and reserves the right to select the appropriate logo. To receive approval, please submit a Communications Project Request and select “I need a design approved.” Prior to submitting your items for approval, please make sure you adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. All merchandise that is larger than 2 inches (such as T-shirts, hats, pens, sunglasses, etc.) associated with the College of Education must include an approved UGA logo.
  2. Artwork cannot include the institution’s name or the full name of the requesting unit. Including these names creates a “modified logo”, which is prohibited. The full name of the organization can appear by itself if it’s plainly written out as text and not within a graphic.
  3. When using multiple UGA brand logos (such as athletic marks or official brand illustrations), academic units must lead with their official logo, placing other logos in a secondary position.
  4. Be sure to use a UGA-approved vendor! You must use a UGA-approved vendor to purchase/produce any type of promotional item (this ensures the vendor complies with trademark licensing and other regulations).

Download a List of UGA-Approved Vendors (PDF)

Download University-Level Logos

With the new branding in place, UGA is working hard to create a unified look for all its communication materials.

Not only does this look professional, but it also sends a clear and consistent message to potential students, funding agencies, alumni, and other stakeholders.

We must follow the UGA branding guidelines and draw our strength from the university as a whole, rather than relying on individual programs or initiatives.

What is a ‘Promotional Graphic’?

In some cases, we may create a graphic that includes the logo of an already established program or entity. In most cases, this involves an event or conference that has the need for items such as printed materials or promotional items.

Promotional graphics may be used for:

  • Limited-time events or longer-term programs or initiatives
  • Promotional and collateral materials, but they do NOT take the place of an official brand logo

Promotional graphics cannot:

  • Include the name of your unit, lab, or division, with the exception of summer camps
  • Be altered or used for promo marks—an official logo must be included somewhere on the item
  • Be considered co-branding

These “promotional graphics” (note: not a true logo) must be created by the Communications Office on an as-needed basis and with the approval of the UGA Office of Marketing and Communications. They must be used along with an approved UGA logo.

What are AI and PNG files?

We have provided logos in several different formats. What’s the best one to use? It depends on your project.

AI: AI files are the native vector file type for Adobe Illustrator. With an AI file, graphics, drawings, and images can be scaled infinitely with no impact on resolution.

PNG: These files are best for digital use, whether it’s on a website, in an email, or placed into a Word or PowerPoint document. These files are smaller, making it easier to send or download them.

Download College-Level Logos and Templates

Download the College’s Primary Logos

This zipped file includes .ai and .png College-level logos. Keep scrolling for logos for individual departments, labs, etc.

Logos for Departments

Logos for Offices

Logos for Research/​Outreach Units

Logos for Labs

Don’t see your lab? Submit a Communications Ticket and select, “an official UGA branded logo suite”.

Logos for Programs

Download Zoom backgrounds

After you click on your preferred background below, right-click the image and save it to your desktop. When you log into Zoom, select “preferences,” and click “virtual background.” Check that “mirror my image” is not selected.