Communication Needs

Share Your News/Events

Submit a Calendar Event

Use the event submission form to post an upcoming event related to the College.

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If you would like to add your event to the College's website, please submit the event to the UGA Master Calendar (opens new window). If you choose a COE department or group when submitting the event, it will automatically be pulled onto the calendar on the COE website. The event also will be added to the UGA Master Calendar.

Add Events to a Web Page

Simply choosing a COE department or group when creating an event on the Master Calendar will cause it to be automatically added to the main COE calendar listing (opens new window), as well as the COE home page and Events page (opens new window). (Only the next 8-9 events will show on these two.)

Adding an event to a Department/Unit page or Concentration page just requires selecting the proper Department or Group when you create the event on the Master Calendar.

Adding an event to any other COE web page requires the Master Calendar event to have a special tag.

If the page already has an "Upcoming Events" section, submit a webpage fix/update request (opens new window) and include the known tag associated with the page. If you don't know what the tag for that page is, then just indicate that in your initial request and we'll look it up for you. Then you will provide that to the Master Calendar people by sending an email to


If the page does not yet have an "Upcoming Events" section, and the event needs to be listed on a particular page, it will need a new, special tag to be created and added to the event(s). For these, send an email to and request that they add a specific and descriptive tag of your choosing to the event.

An example tag might be MED School Counseling Info Session or Kinesiology Open House. This tag will be used to pull the event onto a COE web page. If you have several events that need to be added to the same page, it makes sense to use the same tag for all of the events.

Once the Master Calendar folks have added this tag, submit a webpage fix/update request (opens new window) to our team and let us know:

  • The tag that was assigned
  • The URL of the COE page the event should appear on, and
  • A brief, "evergreen" summary paragraph and Section Title (optional) to introduce the event(s)

If you have questions about getting an event or group of events to display on a particular COE webpage, email the Web Team and someone will get back to you asap.

Recurring Events and Conferences

The College's recurring events, such as annual conferences, have permanent pages on the COE Recurring Events page (opens new window). These pages should contain general information about the event and can also include information that will not format well in the UGA Master Calendar event entry, such as speaker photos and bios. If you require changes to a recurring events page, please submit a website update request (opens new window). Please be sure to submit another request once the event is over to remove/update any stale information.

Upcoming event details, especially the event registration, still need to be entered on the UGA Master Calendar (opens new window), where the event will reach a wider audience and can be updated as needed by the person who submitted the calendar entry.

If you have any questions about setting up a new recurring events page or a new conference website, please submit a communications project request (opens new window).

Submit News or Social Media Items

Send us photos and news to share via social media. We maintain a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends of the College.

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Submit COE Connection Announcement

Delivered every Monday, the COE Connection is a weekly e-newsletter for students featuring activities, programs, and announcements. Both undergraduate and graduate students are automatically subscribed to the newsletter, with each receiving a version of the newsletter most relevant to their experience at the College.

COE Connection Guidelines

Frequency of Publication

The COE Connection is published every Monday by 12 p.m. during Fall & Spring semesters. COE connection is not published during the Summer term.

Frequency of Entries

Each item will run for two newsletters which are equivalent to two weeks. Exceptions to this rule: Submissions with specific dates that occur within the current month. Submissions with dates during subsequent months will be held until the beginning of that respective month.

Headings and Content
  • Events:
    Date-specific events around COE and campus that would be related or of interest to COE students
  • UGA Updates:
    UGA campus updates and important information found in Arch News to which we want to draw specific attention to our students.
  • COE Important Information:
    A general category for miscellaneous submissions not related to academics
  • Academic Information:
    A general category for misc. submissions related to academics including any submission related to studying abroad
  • Student Opportunities:
    Information about volunteering across campus, campus-wide job postings, and external job postings
  • College Resources:
    Student Resources & UGA Career Center information
Order of Entries

Events are listed in chronological order based on date. Non-Events submissions will be listed in order from newest to oldest.

Significant Events

Preliminary information will be listed once, removed, and held until closer to the date of occurrence. Certain events, such as Convocation information and links, may be listed for longer time periods to ensure that students have access to participate in the event by following required information submission materials.

Pictures, Flyers, and Maps

To keep the newsletter more streamlined and maintain an overall look, no pictures, flyers or maps will be included with any event or announcement.

Reoccurring Submissions

Submissions such as the COE School Supply Closet, will be posted 2-3 times per semester such as beginning, midterms, and near finals depending on the specific content and when it is appropriate to list.

Mailing Lists

Both Undergraduate and Graduate mailing lists should be updated at the beginning of each semester. Faculty and Staff mailing lists will be updated annually.

How to submit events and announcements

Events and announcements can only be submitted through the Qualtrics application. If any Connection-related emails are received outside of the application, the submitter will be directed to the Qualtrics link. Only submissions related to COE students will be included in the COE Connection.

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Submit a TV Screen Announcement

Promote your event or announcement on the College's digital screens.

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Start a New Communications Project

Please use this form if you have a request for a communications project, such as an email promotion, etc., or if you would like to add a new page to the website, such as a research lab. When in doubt, start with this form and the communications team will help you find the right path for your project.

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Update Office Door Signs

Create or update a PDF for a physical 8.5x11-inch paper sign that hangs outside an office.

These are the physical paper signage templates for office doors.

You will need to open these files with Adobe Acrobat.

Single Line (8.5×11)
Up-to 3 Lines (8.5×11)
Long Name (8.5×11)
Two Large Names (8.5×11)
Suite Multi (8.5×11)

Download Logos/Visual Identity

As part of the new refreshed logo and visual identity system for the University of Georgia, the College of Education has downloadable logos made especially for departments, offices, outreach units, and labs. We also have templates such as PowerPoint presentations, Word letterheads, and a logo for an email signature.

Have a question about a logo? Email Jen Williams.

For more details on UGA's branding, please visit the website for the UGA Style Guide. (opens new window)

Promotional Items/Merchandise and Logos

All merchandise (such as T-shirts, hats, pens, sunglasses, or any other type of promotional material) associated with the College of Education must include an approved UGA logo.

In addition, permission must be obtained prior to using any form of a UGA logo on a printed product. Please email Jen Williams for a logo approval form, which the requestor must submit to the UGA Trademarks office for approval along with a final draft of the artwork before payment can be processed.

The College of Education logo or the official UGA logo must be included on all promotional items purchased with funds that pass through the College or through UGA. Additionally, it is the discretion of the College of Education's Communications Office to determine the appropriateness of an official logo on all promotional items created for classes, events, groups, projects, etc., that are in any way associated with the College of Education. The Communications Office reserves the right to select the appropriate logo. Shirt designs that incorporate artwork other than the College logo must place the logo on either the front left pocket area or on the outside portion of the left sleeve. The logo may not be used in conjunction with a separate image or line art. All designs are subject to approval from UGA Trademarks and the College of Education Communications Office prior to funds being released.

Be sure to use a UGA-approved vendor! You must use a UGA-approved vendor to purchase/produce any type of promotional item (this ensures the vendor complies with trademark licensing and other regulations).

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With the new branding in place, UGA is working hard to create a unified look for all its communication materials.

Not only does this look professional, but it also sends a clear and consistent message to potential students, funding agencies, alumni, and other stakeholders.

It is important that we follow the UGA branding guidelines and draw our strength from the university as a whole, rather than relying on individual programs or initiatives.

What is a 'Promotional Graphic'?

In some cases, we may create a graphic that includes the logo of an already established program or entity. In most cases, this involves an event or conference that has the need for items such as printed materials or promotional items.

These "promotional graphics" (note: not a true logo) must be created by the Communications Office on an as-needed basis and with the approval of the UGA Office of Marketing and Communications. They must be used along with an approved UGA logo.

What is an EPS, JPEG, and PNG?

We have provided logos in several different formats. What's the best one to use? It depends on your project.

EPS: Also called a "vector" format, this file can be used at any size and is suitable for high-quality printing. Items such as promotional pieces (T-shirts, sunglasses, hats, etc.), banners and signs, and high-quality printed products (brochures, flyers, books, etc.) are best served with EPS files.

PNG/JPEG: These files are best for digital use, whether it's on a website, in an email, or placed into a Word or PowerPoint document. These files are smaller, making it easier to send or download them.

Download College-Level Logos and Templates

This zipped file includes .eps and .png College-level logos. Keep scrolling for logos for individual departments, labs, etc.

Logos for Departments

Logos for Offices

Logos for Research/Outreach Units

Logos for Labs

Don't see your lab? Email the communications team to let us know.

Logos for Programs

Download More College-Level Resources

Download Zoom backgrounds

After you click on your preferred background below, right-click the image and save it to your desktop. When you log into Zoom, select "preferences," and click "virtual background." Check that "mirror my image" is not selected.