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Use this form to complete a course evaluation for the College of Education. Students will receive an email from both Qualtrics and our course evaluation admin (Shayla S. Lee) when their course evaluation is available.

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Course Evaluation FAQ

Why is there a change in the system and process used to collect course evaluations?

The College of Education has a college-wide system for collecting course evaluation data. In Fall 2017, it was determined that the software package on which the system was built needed to be replaced. The cost of that software replacement was prohibitive and thus, the college has moved to using the free and university-supported Qualtrics data collection system. A pilot with the system was conducted in Fall 2017. The use of Qualtrics was fully implemented in Spring 2018.

Is there a requirement for conducting course evaluations?

The university indicates that students should be given an opportunity to complete an end-of-term course evaluation (opens new window).

Who chooses what courses should be evaluated?

Courses for which instructors have budgeted time assigned must be evaluated. Instructors can also ask for courses other than budgeted courses to be evaluated. During the pilot and Spring 2018 data collection, department heads were sent a roster of courses and asked to work with faculty to indicate which courses should be evaluated. This process will continue to be implemented.

What do I need to do to set up my course evaluation?

Course evaluations will be set up for instructors by the Office of Academic Programs. Instructors only need to respond to inquiries about whether or not they would like to add up to three short answer or up to three Likert items to the standard survey.

What items are included on the course evaluation tool?

The College of Education's assessment is consistent with requirements for core questions from the university's stated policy. The following questions are included on the evaluation: (1) The course was effectively organized; (2) Assignments and activities were clearly related to course goals; (3) The instructor was knowledgeable and well-prepared; (4) Assignments and activities were useful for helping me learn; (5) New skills and/or concepts were presented in ways I could understand; (6) The instructor was open to students' questions and comments; (7) The instructor provided useful feedback on student work; (8) Course work was evaluated according to clear expectations; and (9) The course challenged me to think and learn. Students use a five-point scale to respond to each of these items. General open-ended questions are also posed and include: Please provide feedback on the (1) instruction in this class; (2) content of this class; and (3) format of this class.

What is the window for course evaluations?

Course evaluations will be made available for two weeks prior to the due date for grades. The only exception to this timeline is for Maymester courses, which operate on a condensed schedule. Maymester evaluations will be sent five days prior to the grades due date for that session.

Is it possible to incentivize course evaluation completion?

No, it is not possible to incentivize course evaluation completion. The university policy indicates that students must be given an opportunity to complete an end-of-term evaluation. Given that the policy does not mandate completion of an evaluation and that there is student choice in doing so, incentives such as points toward a course or assignment grade removes the voluntary nature of the evaluation. In addition, Qualtrics instructors cannot see the percentage of students or names of students who have not yet completed the evaluation, and the Office of Academic Programs cannot support individual requests from instructors to provide periodic reports of course evaluation completion.

Instructors can encourage a higher completion rate by providing students with verbal reminders to complete the evaluation, scheduling class time to complete the evaluation (without the instructor present), and by reiterating the importance of the evaluation to assist the instructor in modifying the class to better meet student needs in future semesters.

How do I check who has or has not completed the evaluation?

It is only possible to see who has or has not completed the evaluation once the final evaluation data are returned to the instructor. Qualtrics automatically sends a number of reminders to students who have not completed the evaluation. Across the college, completion rates are around 80%.

Can I add questions to the evaluation?

Yes, faculty can add up to three additional short answers items and up to three Likert-type items to their evaluations. Instructors will be polled each semester to see if they would like to add these items.

Which students will receive the evaluation?

Students registered or auditing a course at the time that course evaluations are generated, which is approximately 4 weeks from the end of the semester (after the mid-term withdrawal date) will have the opportunity to evaluate the course. Students who have one of the following registration codes will not receive the evaluation or be counted in any totals: Drop Dismissal, Drop Non-Payment, Drop/Delete, Withdrawal by Student, or Waitlisted.

How will students receive the evaluation?

The evaluation will be sent to the students' UGA email address via the Qualtrics email system. Students who have elected to forward their emails to a non-UGA email account like Gmail should check their junk/spam folder if they are unable to locate the email in their inbox. Additionally, they should add noreply@qualtrics-survey.com to their address book to help prevent the emails from being marked as spam.

How are reminders sent? How many reminders are sent?

Students receive a separate but easily accessible email for each course in which they are enrolled. The student can complete the evaluation by clicking on a link embedded within an email instead of having to log in to a separate system and supply their 810/811 number. The evaluations are also easily completed on mobile devices. Students will receive an email every three days until the evaluation is either completed or the window closes. The student will also receive an email on the day the evaluation closes with a "last chance" request to submit the information.

Can I re-open my evaluation?

No. With the number of reminders sent to students and the voluntary nature of the evaluation, it is not possible to re-open the evaluation. The only exception to this rule will be if a programming or other error is reported.

Where do I get my results?

The Office of Academic Programs is working to design an access system for course scheduling officers, department heads, or other assigned personnel within departments to access the data. Until that time, individual reports will be sent to the instructor. Department heads will be copied on those emails.

Are partial responses included in my results?

The number of respondents is included for each item. If at least one response is provided on the evaluation, the data from that student will be included in the instructor's data set. For example, sometimes students complete the closed-ended items but not the open-ended questions (or vice versa).

Why are the overall mean and mean of the medians not included in the report?

Qualtrics does provide the mean and median for each of the Likert items. Because the items are individual items and because there is not a sound factor structure across all nine items, the mean and mean of the medians is not a psychometrically sound data point.

What is the contribution of course evaluations to my performance assessment?

The influence of course evaluations on any individual's performance assessment varies by department. Please consult your unit's annual review procedures or your promotion and tenure unit guidelines for specific details associated with the weight of course evaluations in such decisions. It is also important to note that course evaluations are a snapshot of students' perceptions of one's teaching. More robust measures of teaching performance such as peer evaluation are important to consider in making any substantive decisions about teaching performance.

What are the windows for data collection?

The specific windows for course evaluation will vary by the academic calendars. Windows will be released each academic year. Dates for Summer 2019, Fall 2019, and Spring 2020 are provided below.

Summer 2020

  • Maymester
    Release evaluations on May 28 and close on June 4
  • Short Session I
    Release evaluations on June 25 and close on July 2
  • Short Session II
    Release evaluations on July 24 and close on July 31
  • Extended Session
    Release evaluations on July 24 and close on July 31
  • Thru Session
    Release evaluations on July 24 and close on July 31

Fall 2020

  • Release evaluations on December 7, 2020 and close on December 20, 2020
  • PEDB Courses:
    • PEDB 1140 [Weeks 6-7]
    • PEDB1900-1960 [Weeks 10-14]
    • PEDB Outdoor Courses [Weeks 9-12]
    • All other PEDB courses [December 7-December 20]

Spring 2021

  • Release evaluations on May 3, 2021 and due on May 16, 2021
  • PEDB Courses:
    • PEDB 1140 [Weeks 6-7]
    • PEDB1900-1960 [Weeks 10-14]
    • PEDB Outdoor Courses [Weeks 9-12]
    • All other PEDB courses [May 3-May 16]