Educator Prep Resources

We offer several resources for teacher candidates at all degree levels, as well as current teachers who are looking to renew or upgrade their teaching certification. The following resources will help you organize your information, apply for your credentials, and answer any questions you may have.

The UGA College of Education and educator preparation programs are approved by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission.

Assessments, Portfolio, MyPSC

The Georgia Professional Standards Commission (GaPSC) requires candidates to take the Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators (GACE) (opens new window) as part of the educator certification process. These computer-delivered assessments have been developed by the GaPSC and Educational Testing Service. The GACE entrance exam must be taken or exempted for program entry, and the GACE exit exam must be taken upon completion. GACE is for candidates enrolled in a teacher preparation program, or in school personnel programs such as educational leadership, school library media, school psychology, and school counseling, among others.

GACE Program Admission Assessment

Who needs to take the GACE Program Admission Assessment?

All candidates seeking admission to an initial educator preparation program must take or exempt the GACE Program Admission Assessment and be admitted to UGA.

You can exempt with one of the following:

  1. Combined minimum SAT score:
  • For SAT score reports dated prior to July 1, 2019:
    • 1,000 on Verbal/Critical Reading and Math, OR
    • 1,000 on Evidence-based Reading/Writing and Math
  • For SAT score reports dated on or after July 1, 2019:
    • 1,080 on Evidence-based Reading/Writing AND Math
  1. Combined minimum ACT score of 43 (English and Math scores)
  2. Combined GRE Verbal and Quantitative minimum score (prior to fall 2011 = 1030; fall 2011 and beyond = 297)

If you exempt the GACE, check Athena to see if your test scores are listed under "View Test Scores." If your scores are listed, certification official Kate Character (opens new window), will print your scores, and you do not need to do anything further.

If your test scores are not listed in Athena, you must request an official transcript or score report to be mailed to your address from one of the following:

Steps for submitting your document

  1. Write your UGA 81# on the outside of the unopened envelope and place it in another envelope
  2. Deliver or mail the unopened envelope with your 81# to the following address:

    Kate Character University of Georgia Office of Academic Programs 110 Carlton Street G4 Aderhold Hall Athens, Georgia, 30602

Steps for registering for the GACE Program Admission Assessment

  1. Click on the Assessments link at the top of your MyPSC homepage (opens new window).
  2. Select Reason Number 1 – I am testing to satisfy the Program Admission Assessment requirement (formerly the Basic Skills assessment).
  3. Select the Program Admission Assessment from the drop-down menu.
  4. You must add the program you are enrolled in or seeking admission into as a score recipient. The code for UGA is 5080.
  5. Your testing request and information from your MyPSC account will be transferred to the ETS site.
  6. You can register online or by phone for all assessments. You will need your MyPSC account number handy in order to register for an ETS account.
  7. To set up an ETS account and register for the test, visit The GACE® Assessments website (opens new window).
  8. Study guides can be found on the GACE® Assessments website under Test Preparation Resources → Preparation Materials (opens new window)

GACE Content Assessment Registration for Students

This information is for students enrolled in teacher preparation, educational leadership, instructional technology, school psychology, and school counseling programs.

The GA Assessment for the Certification of Educators (GACE) is Georgia's state-approved educator certification assessment program. The purpose of the assessment is to assure that the knowledge and skills acquired by prospective Georgia educators are aligned with state and national standards for educator preparation and with state standards for the P-12 student curriculum—the Common Core Performance Standards (CCGPS).

Can I take the GACE whenever I want?

  • Yes – if you are taking the GACE Program Admission Assessment (formerly GACE Basic Skills) OR if you are taking the GACE content assessment as part of your program requirements for an advanced degree which leads to initial certification. For example, MAT students do not need eligibility granted by UGA.
  • No – for candidates taking a GACE content assessment for initial certification. Candidates must be designated eligible by their program provider (UGA) to take the content GACE. UGA provides eligibility to candidates the semester before student teaching.

Requesting Eligibility

If you have not claimed your program in your MyPSC account, you will need to do this step before requesting a GACE Content test. For step-by-step instructions, visit MyPSC account.

Log in to your MyPSC account (opens new window) and select Assessments at the top of the MyPSC homepage. Follow the steps below to request or confirm eligibility to test:

  1. Under the Assessment Page, scroll to the "Active eligibility to test requests" section to look for any test that has already been granted eligibility for the GACE Content Assessment. If you see the correct GACE Content Assessment listed with the status as "Eligibility transferred," then you go to ETS directly to register for the test. See step 10 below.
If eligibility has not been granted then follow the steps below:
  1. Click on the 'Assessments' link at the top of the MyPSC homepage.
  2. Scroll down to find the reason why you want to take a GACE assessment.
  • If you are enrolled in a Georgia-approved program in an undergraduate teaching field, or in educational leadership, media, school psychology, or counseling, select Reason #2.
  • MAT and Non-Degree Certification Only candidates will select Reason #3. When selecting this reason, you must add the program you are enrolled in or seeking admission into as a score recipient.
  1. If you are enrolled in or have completed an approved program, you will see the list of programs and providers where you have claimed enrollment and your status for your eligibility to test for the program(s). If you do not see any programs and providers listed, it means you have not claimed your enrollment. See Claiming Your Enrollment Record below.
  2. Select the assessment for which you are requesting eligibility to test from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click the ADD button.
  4. Confirm your choices by typing "yes" in the space provided and then click FINISH. (You can click QUIT to cancel your selection.)
  5. Your profile and eligibility will be transmitted to ETS.
  6. At the bottom of the Assessments page is a list of your active and pending eligibility requests and their status.
  7. Create an ETS GACE testing account. You will register to test through your ETS GACE testing account (opens new window). The tests you are approved for and eligible to take will be listed there.
  8. Contact us if you have any general GACE questions or issues with requesting your assessment in your MyPSC account or if you are unsure about which option you should select for your testing reason.
  9. Contact ETS (opens new window) for any technical issues regarding registration and payment.

The name you use when creating your accounts

The first and last name shown in your MyPSC account must be your legal name, and must exactly match the first and last name on the ID documents you will present on the day of the test. See Identification Requirements. (opens new window)

It is your responsibility to ensure that the first and last name on your admission ticket match the ID documents you will present on the day of the test. Note: Hyphens, accents, suffixes, middle initials, and spaces in your name will not appear on the admission ticket.

If your ID documents do not match the name you use when you register, you may be prohibited from testing, your test fees may be forfeited, and/or your test scores may be canceled.

Fees, payment, and refund policies

Please visit ETS (opens new window) for more information about the testing fees.

How do I change or cancel a test registration?

Requests to change your test center, test date, or reporting time can be made through your ETS GACE testing account (opens new window).

Where can I find test preparation materials?

There are free test prep materials available on the GACE website—test center tour video, Study Companions, and the GACE Strategies for Success video are available for download. Interactive practice tests will begin being available for purchase in the ETS store this fall. Visit the GACE website at for more information. (opens new window)

When will my scores be available?

Scores are generally available (opens new window) four weeks from the beginning of the testing window in which you tested.

MyPSC Account

How to establish a MyPSC account

Go to the MyPSC website. (opens new window)

  1. Follow the screens to create your account. Be sure to enter your full legal name exactly as it appears on your legal ID (Driver's license or passport; NOT your UGA ID card) and complete all required fields.
  2. Your MyPSC account will assign you a Georgia certification ID number (GA CERT ID). A GA CERT ID is used for identification throughout the test registration and certification process.
  3. Print your MyPSC account information, so that it will be handy when you register to test on the ETS GACE website (opens new window).

Correcting or updating your MyPSC account

It is extremely important to keep the information in your MyPSC account up-to-date because the information you enter is uploaded into the ETS GACE registration system. Occasionally, ETS and GaPSC staff may need to contact you in the event there is a last-minute change in a test administration's reporting address or reporting time. Keeping the information current in your MyPSC account—especially your phone number and email address—is your responsibility. By doing so, you enable ETS and GaPSC staff to contact you if the need arises.

You can update your mailing address, phone number, and email address by logging in to your MyPSC account.

If your name has changed, the name change must be reflected in your MyPSC account. Name changes must be made in conjunction with your primary ID documents. The name in your MyPSC account must match the identification document(s) you will present at the test center.

If you need to change your name, go to the GaPSC website (opens new window), print out and complete the three-page application in your new name and either mail or fax it to the PSC as directed on the application.

How to claim your program in your MyPSC account

To claim your program, go to the MyPSC website. (opens new window)

  1. Click "Program" in the heading in the MyPSC banner at the top of the page on the far right.
  2. Choose "University of Georgia" in the list of providers that pops-up and enter your 81X#. Only enter the first nine digits of your 81X#.
  3. Your program information will show up on the screen and if everything is correct, click CONFIRM.
  4. If the details of your program are not correct, please email us.
  5. A message will pop up asking if you are sure you are enrolled in this program, click YES if the program information is correct.
  6. If you get the following error message, please contact us: "We did not find a match that you are enrolled at this provider. Please contact the program provider or check back later."

Please note that until you are fully accepted into your program, you will not be able to claim your program.


Coming soon


Looking to renew your teacher certification? Have you never been certified to teach, and need to know where to start? Or, are you studying for a non-teaching degree such as school psychology, school library media, and speech-language pathology and are looking for service certification? We can help you sort out what you need to do.

For specific course requirements for an approved program, contact the appropriate department within the College of Education. The department will determine requirements for entry into the program, the course work required to meet the approved teacher education program, and the procedures for obtaining a professional recommendation.

Note: If you are studying school counseling, school psychology, school library media, and speech/language pathology at the graduate level, you may apply for a service certification.

Certification Checklists

COVID-19 Update

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the EdPrep Team is currently working with GaPSC to streamline the pre-service process and work out issues in the system.

For the latest updates, please join your program’s pre-service virtual meeting. If your program has not scheduled a meeting or you missed the meeting, please email

Graduation and Certification Dates

Waiver of Certification Form for Educator Preparation Candidates

This form is for students who wish to change their program of study to a non-certification route.

(opens new window)

Change of Placement Policy

Students across the College are placed in field experience or clinical settings as part of their programs of study. On rare occasions, a placement might not be conducive to the health or physical safety of a student. Although these concerns should first be addressed with faculty members and program coordinators, there is a possibility that a student does not perceive their concern to have been addressed. In that event, students can access the change of placement request form (opens new window).

Change of Placement Request ‐ NDAH Policy Violations

If a candidate/intern ever questions their immediate physical safety, they should call 911 and contact Stacey Neuharth‐Pritchett, associate dean (706‐542‐3813). If a candidate or intern believes that their environment or person is compromised based on one of the protected categories in the UGA Non‐Discrimination and Anti‐Harassment Policy, during any field or clinical placement, the candidate/intern must 1) remove themselves from the placement, 2) report the incident to the Equal Opportunity Office (706‐542‐7912), and 3) contact associate dean Neuharth‐Pritchett. Changes in placement are made quickly in the event of NDAH policy violations.

Change of Placement Request ‐ Other

The College of Education works to maintain and to strengthen relations with local schools and other clinical placement sites so it can support mutually beneficial collaborative partnerships. Therefore, changes in confirmed placements are not made for issues such as distance from home, minor conflicts with co‐workers, or personal preference. If problems at the placement site arise, candidates/interns should speak to the UGA supervisor and their program coordinator first for help in resolving the issues. If the program coordinator or UGA supervisor perceives a change in placement is necessary, the program coordinator should contact the College of Education Office of Experiential Learning (122 Aderhold Hall, 706‐542‐9836).

If, after working with the UGA supervisor and program coordinator, the candidate/intern perceives the issue is unresolved and the concern is of sufficient magnitude to warrant leaving a placement, the candidate/intern should make a written request using the form below. The Office of Academic Programs will investigate and inform the candidate/intern of a decision in writing within seven business days. The associate dean will confer with the department head, program coordinator, the UGA supervisor, and possibly school or other placement officials prior to making a decision. The candidate/intern has the right to appeal the associate dean's decision directly to the dean. This appeal should be written in the form of a professional letter attached to an email to Dean Denise Spangler. Dean Spangler will inform the candidate/intern of a decision in writing within seven business days.

Changes in placement sometimes necessitate an adjustment in the clinical practice/internship end date. If a change in placement is made for any reason, the program coordinator or UGA supervisor will determine the clinical practice end date.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a MyID?

If you do not have a UGA MyID, or if you are new to the campus, information on acquiring a MyID as well as resources available to you, visit the UGA New Student Technology Guide (opens new window).

What is Pre-Service Certification?

The Georgia Professional Standards Commission (GaPSC) requires all candidates in initial educator preparation programs to obtain a Pre-Service Certificate. A Pre-Service certificate assists the state and its teacher education programs to (1) assure the safety of school children; (2) provide opportunities for Pre-Service candidates to practice/demonstrate knowledge and skills; (3) standardize the criminal history background check process across Georgia; and (4) assist Pre-Service candidates in understanding the Georgia Code of Ethics for Educators and provide them with the information to hold them accountable under the Code.

Who needs a Pre-Service Certificate?

All teacher education candidates who have been officially accepted into their initial preparation programs are required to have a Pre-Service certificate. Those who hold a Paraprofessional Certificate or a Certificate of Eligibility will need to obtain the Pre-Service Certificate. A few exceptions to this policy are listed in the next question.

Who should not apply for a Preservice Certificate?
  • Those individuals who are taking pre-requisite courses prior to entering a teacher education program (e.g. "Area F" courses) need not apply for the Pre-Service Certificate;
  • Master's degree or certification-only candidates who have already obtained an Induction Certificate (Pathway 4) issued by GaPSC;
  • Those who hold any type of professional certification or permit in the state of Georgia would not need a Pre-Service Certificate.
  • Candidates who are enrolled in the Georgia TAPP program as these candidates have an induction certificate.
When will my Pre-Service Certification orientation be held?

Your program will schedule this with Office of Academic Programs (opens new window) (OAP).

Does the Pre-Service Certificate cost anything?

No, the application for the Pre-Service Certificate is free.

Who turns in the information for the Pre-Service Certificate to the GaPSC?

The College of Education's Office of Academic Programs (opens new window) submits the paperwork for the Pre-Service certificate for the candidate. There are no exceptions to this.

Can I engage in any field experience before I have my Pre-Service Certificate?

No, a teacher candidate who is in their professional courses cannot be in any course or field experience if the candidate does not have the Pre-Service Certificate.

What are the required elements for a Preservice Certificate?
  • GACE Program Admission Assessment Test scores or exemption by scores on the ACT, SAT, GRE, or Praxis I
  • A completed application that will be provided by the Certification Official during an orientation with the Office of Academic Programs (opens new window)
  • Copies of identification materials (unexpired driver's license, passport, or permanent resident card)
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Verification of Lawful Presence (VLP). This must be notarized by OAP staff during the orientation. For your VLP, you will need an unexpired driver's license, passport, or permanent resident card. OAP staff will make a copy of your identification.

Your pre-service application can only be obtained from the Certification Official who will have the most up-to-date copy issued by GaPSC. And it must be submitted to GaPSC by the Certification Official.

What are the exemption scores for the GACE Program Admissions Assessment?

Candidates can exempt the program admissions assessment if they submit scores from other standardized tests that document their competencies in reading, writing, and mathematics. The thresholds for the assessment are listed here:


Combined minimum SAT score
For SAT score reports dated prior to July 1, 2019:

  • 1,000 on Verbal/Critical Reading and Math, OR
  • 1,000 on Evidence-based Reading/Writing and Math

For SAT score reports dated on or after July 1, 2019

  • 1,080 on Evidence-based Reading/Writing AND Math


Combined minimum ACT score of 43 (English and Math scores)


Combined GRE Verbal and Quantitative minimum score:

  • Prior to Fall 2011 = 1030
  • Fall 2011 to present = 297
How will I share that my test scores satisfy the exemption?

If you exempt the GACE, check Athena to see if your test scores are listed under "View Test Scores". If your scores are listed, the Certification Official will print your scores, and you do not need to do anything further.

What should I do if my test scores are not listed in Athena?
  • High School Transcript – check with the high school to make sure your SAT or ACT scores will be listed on your transcript. This is usually the fastest and most economical way to obtain scores if you know they are posted on your high school transcript.
  • Other College Transcripts – check with the college before you request your transcript to make sure your SAT, ACT, or GRE scores will be listed on your transcript. Some colleges charge the student for sending a transcript.
  • ACT Score Report – This must be an official score report from ACT. We cannot accept copies of documents that do not come sealed from the testing company.
  • GRE Score Report – Educational Testing Services (ETS). This must be an official score report from ETS. We cannot accept copies of documents that do not come sealed from the testing company.
  • SAT Score Report – The College Board – To have your scores sent directly to the College of Education's certification, you will have to contact the College Board at 866-756-7346. Please let them know that your score report is not for admission into UGA and should not be sent to the UGA Admissions office. The cost is approximately $70. Cost is subject to change. Documents should be sent to:
Kate Character University of Georgia Office of Academic Programs 110 Carlton Street G4 Aderhold Hall Athens, Georgia, 30602
Who can notarize my Pre-Service application (VLP form)?

The OAP staff can notarize your Verification of Lawful Presence (VLP) form which is part of your Pre-Service application.

Who conducts the criminal background check?

The Georgia Professional Standards Commission conducts the background check.

Why do I need to sign up for a MyPSC Account and when do I sign up for that account?

You will sign up for the MyPSC account which allows you to complete all state-required assessments. This account will stay with you throughout your teaching career. You will be prompted by an email from the Office of Academic Programs (opens new window) to create your account.

How will I know what items are missing for my Pre-Service Certificate?

OAP will notify you by phone or email. Make sure you check your UGA email regularly. The college only sends email to official UGA email addresses. We cannot send emails to other email addresses (e.g., Gmail) as student information is considered confidential and official information sent to other email addresses violates FERPA restrictions.

How will I know my GaPSC Pre-Service Certificate has been issued?

You will receive an email from GaPSC. You can also check in your MyPSC account. On your MyPSC account:

  • Applications -This page will show you the status of your application under Case History.
  • Documents - This page will show you what documents have been submitted by the Certification Official and you.
  • Correspondence - If GaPSC needs additional information from you, you will find a Hold Letter on this page.
  • Credentials – This is where you can view and print your certificate once it has been issued.
How will my advisor and program know that my Pre-Service Certificate has been issued?

A Pre-Service status report is sent out to advisors and program faculty twice a week via email.

If a student is not listed in the file, please have them contact our office.

Do I need a Pre-Service Certificate if I am a transfer student?

Yes. If you received a Pre-Service Certificate from your former school, you need to contact that school's college of education and have them withdraw your Pre-Service Certificate from GaPSC. Then, contact the UGA College of Education Certification Official.

What are the required content examinations for my program of study?

This is based on your certification field (area of emphasis). OAP Staff will visit your program to talk more in-depth about these assessments. Your program coordinator will also inform you of the appropriate content examinations to take.

When do I find out about a Foliotek account?

It is issued the semester before your clinical practice or internship. You will receive an email when your account has been issued. Accounts are only issued by the Foliotek coordinator. Make sure to read your UGA email.

For endorsements, you will need to complete the COE Endorsement Application Form and be admitted by the program. Admissions decisions will be sent via email. If you are approved, you will receive an additional email concerning Foliotek.

What if I want to change my major or withdraw from UGA?

You will need to complete the Change of Major/Withdrawal form.

I now have my Pre-Service Certificate, what is next?

Welcome! There will be several required assessments that you will complete during your program for certification and program completion. You will find information on our Educator Preparation Resources webpage.

Who should I contact if I have additional questions or any issues?

Should you have any questions or issues, contact the OAP staff. We are located in the G4 suite in Aderhold Hall on the ground floor.

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