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International Graduate Assistant Internship Program

University of Georgia policy mandates that students with a TOEFL speaking subtest score of 23-24 or an IELTS speaking band score of 7.0-7.5 enroll in LLED 7769. Students with a TOEFL speaking subtest score of 22 or below, or an IELTS score of 6.5 or below must enroll in LLED 7768. Consult UGA’s Teaching Assistant Policy for more details.


LLED 7768 is designed to improve the classroom communication of international teaching assistants through English training. Sessions include:

  • Diagnosis of English language patterns that may interfere with intelligibility when communicating with North American undergraduate students.
  • Structured opportunities to improve language proficiency
  • Practice with the English sound system
  • Work on North American word stress and sentence stress production
  • Review of question forms and intonation patterns
  • Practice of vowels and consonants
  • Fluency exercises

LLED 7769 is designed to improve the ability of international teaching assistants to communicate effectively within the cultural context of North American undergraduate instruction. Sessions include:

  • Diagnosis of communication patterns that may interfere with conveying intended meaning when communicating with North American undergraduate students.
  • Techniques to establish rapport with students
  • Demonstrations of a variety of effective teaching strategies
  • Discussions of classroom management procedures
  • Tips on how to lead discussion sessions, plan lessons, evaluate and advise students
  • Observation and practice of effective teaching communication strategies
  • Practice giving directions, explanations, and short lectures


  • The University System of Georgia and UGA require that all new graduate assistants with teaching responsibilities receive support for their instructional roles.
  • LLED 7768 and LLED 7769 are courses designed specifically for graduate students whose native language is not English and who are or will be teaching at UGA.
  • The courses are administered by the university’s Center for Teaching and Learning and taught by instructors in the TESOL and World Language Education program.

How To Apply

Contact Linda Harklau for further information on these courses. You may also email Dr. Zoe Morris in the Center for Teaching and Learning for more information on university policy for international teaching assistants.