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Placements, Student Teaching, and Clinical Practice

When you are admitted into a professional program, you will begin to receive emails from field experience professionals that will contain tasks that must be completed in order to begin placement. Keep in mind that students are not able to request or make their own placements. In addition, confirmed placements are final.

All communication will be sent to your UGA email. Pre-service certification must also be completed before entering the field.

Placement Notifications

  • Mid-June
    Placements for Fall semester announced for field experiences (BLKS 2 and 3) and clinical practice and final internships.
  • Two weeks after Drop/Add
    Students receive placement confirmations for Block 1 field experiences.
  • Mid-December
    Placements for Spring semester announced for field experiences (BLKS 2 and 3) and clinical practice and final internships.

Cost Analysis of Program Participation

Various costs that students may incur while in teacher education programs in the College of Education are listed below. This list is not complete and subject to change. It is merely meant to give students an idea of costs so that appropriate preparation can be taken. In addition, students should refer to their specific department to determine if there are other costs associated with participation.

Health and Physical Education candidates could have some additional costs associated with mandatory certifications (e.g., CPR, FIrst Aid).

  • Georgia Assessment for the Certification of Educators (GACE)

  • SAT score report: $70
    If you exempt the GACE and your scores are not found in Athena OR your scores are not on your high school transcript or college transcript, you will have to get them directly sent from the College Board to the certification official.

  • Georgia Educator Ethics

  • Background checks: $41.25 or $19.80 for a recheck
    Some school districts may require students to complete a school district background check. It may or may not have a fee associated. In other instances, depending on the placement, students may have to complete a pre-check background check (PDF)

  • Foliotek:

    • $40 for a one-year subscription
    • $59 for a two-year subscription

    Note: Foliotek license fees are subject to change.

  • Mandatory membership in a professional organization during field experience (Tort Liability Insurance):

    Note: Fees for professional organizations are set by each organization and are subject to change.

  • Professional clothing for practicum and student teaching

  • Transportation and gas to placement site
    Note: Students can be placed up to AN HOUR away from campus.

  • World Language and TESOL Program Costs (PDF)

Please refer to the pre-service certificate checklist (PDF) and program completion and certification checklist (PDF) for more information about the requirements and fees listed above.

Background Checks

Select the right background check.

  • Pre-Service Certificate
    Apply for this certificate if you are in a teacher-education program.
  • Background Check (PreCheck)
    This background check is required if you are in a program other than teacher education, or are a teacher-education major who has not been officially admitted into your program. Note: PreCheck background check reports are considered valid for one year from the date of purchase.
  • DECAL: Bright From the Start National Fingerprint Background Check
    This additional fingerprint check will be needed if you will be placed in an early learning center or prekindergarten program licensed by the Department of Early Care and Learning. You will receive a notice from our office if this background check is required.

FERPA and Tort Forms

Students will now complete all FERPA and Tort forms online. Depending on the course, students may be required to complete FERPA and Tort forms or only a Tort form. Students can expect to receive an email to their UGA email address from the Director of the Office of Clinical Practice that will contain a unique link for each form that is required. This link should not be shared. Students will upload the appropriate forms and sign using an electronic signature.


FERPA allows information about the student to be shared in order to make placements. This form must be renewed annually.

Tort Liability Insurance

College of Education students are required to obtain Professional (Tort) Liability Insurance prior to engaging in a field experience. This insurance covers expenses related to civil suits brought against education students for acts or omissions that occur while at a school. This form is required for students in the College of Education. This form is not required for athletic training majors, who are covered under a group policy through their academic program. Non-COE students enrolled in certain COE courses (EDUC 2120, EPSY 2013, KINS 2420, LLED 5630E/7630E, EDIT 2000, EDIT 4000S, EDIT 4180, & CMSD 4000) may need to complete this form. Insurance coverage usually lasts for a year. However, some organizations offer a two-year policy.

Thank a Mentor

Has a mentor enriched your life or lit a spark that made you excited to be a future educator? Is there a mentor who went the extra mile to support your professional development, served as an exemplary role model, or inspired you to encourage every learner to reach their highest potential? You are invited to let that mentor — and the University community — know about it!

The College of Education’s “Thank a Mentor” program gives students and alumni an opportunity to express appreciation for mentors who have guided them during external field-based learning experiences and have affected their lives in profound and meaningful ways.

Examples of external mentors are:

  • Mentor teachers for practicum and clinical practice
  • Supervising speech-language pathologists
  • Supervising counseling professionals in schools, clinics, and hospitals

Thank a Mentor

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