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Student Organizations

Enhance your college experience by joining a student organization. Whether you are part-time or full-time, graduate or undergraduate, domestic or international, there is always an organization to help you connect with peers who share your interests or career goals.

Student organizations must register with the Office of Engagement, Leadership, and Service each year by May 31 to be placed on the Involvement Network. This will enable organizations to contact students, list meetings, advertise, and be linked to the MFECOE website. MFECOE organizations need to be sure their organizations have listed COE on their profile when registering. ELS ( can assist with questions about the registration process.

For questions about COE organizations, contact Kayla McKinney.

Student Organization Handbook (PDF)

Association of School Psychology

The Association of School Psychologists (ASP) is an organization for students interested in pursuing a graduate degree in school psychology. School psychologists supports students, teachers, and families in and outside of schools. ASP activities focus on providing resources and training experiences related to assessment and intervention in the areas of mental health, effective instruction, and behavioral supports.

Association of School Psychology website

Audiology Dogs (AudDogs)

Audiology Dogs (AudDogs) focuses on connecting undergraduates with the world of audiology. At our meetings, differing people from the audiology world come to speak and answer your questions! AudDogs also raises money for the speech and hearing clinic and advocates for UGA students with hearing loss.

AudDogs website


BrainIAC, or Brain Injury Awareness Club, is a volunteer-led student organization to help spread awareness of acquired brain injuries. We provide support, resources, and education about concussion and proper management in order to better academic and functional outcomes following concussion, or mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI). We raise funds for individuals affected by brain injury and hold discussion-focused meetings surrounding current best practices in rehabilitation. This group is for anyone who has experienced brain injury or is interested in learning more about it and supporting the community!

BrainIAC website

College Student Affairs Administration Graduate Association (CSAAGA)

The College Student Affairs Administration Student Association (CSASAGA) is a student-led organization that serves as a social and educational group for students interested in student affairs, faculty, and staff. This group also helps facilitate the College Student Affairs Administration (CSAA) master’s degree program orientation that is designed to assist the adjustment process for new students entering the program. Throughout the year, additional social and educational events are promoted, sponsored, and coordinated by CSAAGA.

College Student Affairs Administration Graduate Association website

Collegiate Middle Level Association

CMLA is a professional education organization for students in the Middle Grades Education program that provides pre-service middle grades educators the opportunity to network with other professionals in their career path, hear from guest speakers from the field, and interact with other pre-service teachers within the university.

Collegiate Middle Level Association website

CommunicAID+ Nation at UGA

By offering access to direct and affordable services, providing financial assistance, and by supplying assistive technology devices, CommunicAID+ Nation enables individuals with communication disorders to access the world around them.

CommunicAID+ Nation website

Graduate Researchers in Educational Psychology (GREP)

GREP organizes professional development opportunities for graduate students, supports students for conference travel, provides student representation within the department and on department committees, and supports and promotes student scholarship in educational psychology.

Graduate Researchers in Educational Psychology website

Instructional Technology Student Association

ITSA seeks to learn about, develop skills in, practice, and promote the field of instructional technology with the goal of improving educational practices in both academic and business settings.

Instructional Technology Student Association website

International Association of Reading Graduate Students (IARGS)

IARGS is a student organization that supports the study and initiatives related to literacy.

International Association of Reading Graduate Students website

Language and Literacy Education Graduate Organization (LLEGO)

LLEGO is the graduate organization of the Language and Literacy Education Department in the College of Education. LLEGO strives to provide both professional development and social opportunities to LLED faculty, staff, and graduate students to build a sense of community within the department.

Language and Literacy Education Graduate Organization website

Lifelong Education, Administration, and Policy Graduate Student Network (LEAP-GSN)

The mission of LEAP-GSN is to provide a communication network and support system for students interested in adult education and lifelong learning. We facilitate social and professional interaction among LLOD (Learning, Leadership and Organization Development), EDAP (Educational Administration and Policy), and QUAL (Qualitative Research) learners in the LEAP (Lifelong Education, Administration, and Policy) Department within the UGA’s College of Education (COE). We also support adjunct learning experiences such as seminars, field trips, workshops, and leadership opportunities.

Lifelong Education, Administration, and Policy Graduate Student Network website

Mathematics Education Student Association (MESA)

MESA seeks to engage and support UGA mathematics education students in community, professional improvement, and academic excellence. MESA does this by hosting social events, colloquium speakers, and panels on various mathematics education topics.

Mathematics Education Student Association website

Minorities in CMSD (M-CMSD)

M-CMSD strives to uplift and empower minority voices through community and advocacy to create diverse, inclusive, and culturally responsive spaces. We welcome all–minorities and allies! We are a safe and inclusive space within the College of Education’s CMSD program, hoping to increase the amount of diversity within the fields of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology and support each other in our professional journeys!

Minorities in CMSD website

Minorities in Education (MIE)

Minorities in Education (MIE) provides underrepresented College of Education students an inclusive space to share celebrations & concerns, promote community, and support one another. MIE will also discuss multicultural issues present in education and ways to make teaching more culturally responsive.

Minorities in Education website

National Student Speech Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA)

UGA’s NSSLHA Chapter is dedicated to students interested in the CMSD major and/or field of Speech Language Pathology (SLP)/Audiology. Our overarching mission is to raise money and awareness for the UGA Speech and Hearing Clinic while also providing volunteer, shadowing, and fundraising opportunities to our members.

National Student Speech Language Hearing Association website

Omega Tau (Pre-OT)

Omega Tau is a pre-professional organization for students pursuing a career in occupational therapy. Our goal is to prepare students for graduate school and a career.

Omega Tau website

Rho Tau (Pre-PT)

Rho Tau holds meetings to guide and inform prospective physical therapy students about graduate schools and various professional opportunities. In the fall, representatives from in-state and out-of-state physical therapy graduate programs come to speak about what their school has to offer and their admissions process. In the spring, local physical therapists come to talk about their different clinical settings and personal experiences. At the end of the year, we provide guidance on the PTCAS application process and GRE. We strive to provide a community here at UGA for Pre-Physical Therapy students by offering a mentorship program, headshot opportunities, and various means of communication between club members and professionals within the field.

Rho Tau website

Sports Business Club (SBC)

To better serve all members of the University of Georgia’s student body interested in pursuing careers involving sports. SBC hopes to further the exchange of information and co-operation among members, to promote knowledge, and to learn from professionals in the industry. Overall, SBC is a resource to learn more about the various sectors involving sports business in order for members to narrow down their own interests.

Sports Business Club website

Workforce Education and Instructional Technology Graduate Association (WEITGA)

The Workforce Education and Instructional Technology Graduate Association (WEITGA) shall foster relationships and communication between students and faculty in the Department of Workforce Education and Instructional Technology to establish a community of shared knowledge and collaboration. Through the promotion of cross-departmental partnerships and community affiliations, this organization shall increase students’ engagement in professional practices that surpass the boundaries of the university.

Workforce Education and Instructional Technology Graduate Association website