Undergraduate Advising

The College of Education academic advisors will help you understand your options and opportunities for academic programs of study, degree requirements, academic resources, and course selection. We expect you to be both prepared for and engaged in the advising experience throughout your time in the College. UGA academic advising policies and procedures are always subject to change, and although we can provide advice, you are ultimately responsible for knowing and understanding degree requirements and policies related to your academic progress. Advisors cannot provide a guarantee of graduation and/or certification within a specified period of time.

Advising Appointments

  • You are required to meet with your academic advisor every semester in order to be cleared to register for classes in the following semester(s).
  • Please schedule your appointment as early as possible. You can see the available appointments for your advisor in SAGE, as well as their drop-in hours for brief questions.
  • Appointments are approximately 30 minutes in length; be prepared to discuss plans for the following semester(s).
  • During each appointment, your advisor will review degree progress and discuss course options with you.
    • If your intended major is high-demand, your advisor will also review application requirements and deadlines.
  • Advisors can also direct you to additional resources on campus as needed.
  • At the end of each appointment, you will be able to access an academic plan in DegreeWorks, and your advising hold will be removed.
  • If you have any problems with or questions about making an appointment, contact your COE primary advisor as shown on the network tab in SAGE. If you do not see a COE primary advisor assigned to you, please email Brennen Salmon (kinesiology majors) or the Lead Advisor (teacher prep majors) for assistance.
  • It is important that you register as soon as your Athena date and time allows. This will help you have a better chance of getting the sections you want.


DegreeWorks is one of the most important tools for academic advising at UGA. It displays the University of Georgia’s core curriculum requirements and your major coursework in an easy-to-read checksheet (audit) that helps you see how completed courses count toward degree progression, as well as what courses and requirements you still need. Degreeworks is one of the most important tools for academic advising at UGA. It is expected that you will understand and use DegreeWorks to keep track of both core and degree requirements. Degreeworks is available from any computer with Internet access.

  • During your advising appointment, your advisor will review your DegreeWorks with you. The audit outlines all requirements for completion of your degree program and indicates which courses you have taken and/or are currently taking.
  • Review your DegreeWorks audit thoroughly and often. You do NOT need to be in an advising appointment to log in and see your audit.
  • To get started with DegreeWorks, please view the student tutorials.

Email Policy

  • All emails from our office are required to be sent to your UGA e-mail address.
  • Be sure to check your UGA e-mail at least daily, if not more often.
  • If you prefer to use another email client like Gmail – please use EITS instructions to have your UGA email forwarded and be sure it is working.

Essential Resources


Last Updated: 24 January 2020